SOUND DESIGN: This is a project I did for my Audio for Video class at Mercy College. I removed all of the sound from this Harry Potter trailer and then placed all sound effects, and background music. I recorded the voice overs with students in the Mercy College studios. All audio you hear in this video was hand-placed by me.

MIXING: I mix a variety of genres including pop, soul, singer-songwriter, rock, rap, country, and more. This is a song by my good friend Amy Morales-Lara that I mixed on a ProTools HD system in the studios at Mercy College.

PRODUCTION: I am available to produce a wide variety of songs for clients for rap, singers, background music for commercials and videos, and more. This is the production for a song in my musical project titled REMIHALE.

SONGWRITING: I have written songs in various genres, including but not limited to pop, singer-songwriter, indie, rock, and more. This is an EP I wrote as part of the italo-disco duo SUNSET.

More of my work: