My name is Kristin Millard, and I am a writer, audio engineer, producer, singer, and mixing engineer currently residing in Yorkville, IL.

Throughout my years studying Music Industry and Technology at Mercy College in New York I have completed projects involving sound design, voice-over, foley, on-location sound, live sound, audio system design and installation, mixing, electronic music production, music theory, songwriting, and music business. 

I've also gained many transferable skills that I am now putting to use in an administrative position at Aurora University.

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I am currently available to:

PRODUCE beats, music tracks, or background music for use by artists, video producers, or youtubers.

EDIT AND DESIGN audio for videos, films, documentaries, or animations. This includes sound effect design work.

WRITE music reviews, press releases, news stories, artist bios, and promotional material, as well as songs and lyrics for artists to record and perform.

ORGANIZE AND PLAN production timelines, expenses, studio schedules, work orders, client info and email lists, studio inventory, studio maintenance and interior design, social media marketing, and other solutions.

Contact me with info on the project you need done, and I’ll see what I can do for you!

All rates are negotiable and depend on the needs of your project.



This is a video I made for a Career Planning class at Mercy College-- it gives you a good idea of what I'm about!